Membership Extensions During COVID-19

Good News! Interim Memberships
A new six-month interim membership is now available for SGMP supplier and planner members who have been furloughed or laid off. This will give members more time to seek employment in the industry without disrupting their SGMP volunteer commitments.
  1. Interim members may vote.
  2. Interim members may volunteer locally and nationally, including serving on chapter boards, task forces/committees, and national committees. They will not be able to serve on the National Board or the Gilmer Institute of Learning.
  3. Six-month membership fees are: Interim Supplier: $50, Interim Contract Planner: $35, and Interim Government Planner: $20.
  4. Interim members may be able to apply for an additional six months if additional time is needed.
  5. This membership is valid through June 30, 2021.


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40th Anniversary Membership Rates

To celebrate SGMP’s 40th Anniversary coming up in 2021, we are offering special membership rates from now through June 30, 2021, for new and renewal memberships:

$45 for government planners (compared to regular rate of $55)

$115 for contract planners (compared to regular rate of $140)

$350 for suppliers (compared to regular rate of $400)

Educator and student rates remain at $25, already a special rate. 

Future Meeting Calendar - Save the Dates - all meetings at 11:30

All of our meetings will be virtual until we can safely meet again in-person 

March 17 - 6 Panelist Discussion - Applying Protocol in the World of Meetings, Events and Visits

May - Sip & Paint 

2021 SGMPand Chapter Nominations and Elections 
Want to run for a Board position?  Make sure you throw your name in the nomination process next month!
1. VOTE this Week in the National Board Elections March 12
2. Chapter Board Elections - March 25- 30
Contact Kim Phillips or Sarah Goodell today!