About Us

 SGMP of Arizona

2019-2020 Mission, Objectives, Vision and Goals

Our Mission:  The Arizona Chapter of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals is dedicated to the improvement of government, associations and public university meetings through partnerships which provides quality education, networking, shared resources, industry relationships and mutual support while being good stewards of our community.

Our Objectives:

  • Our Mission is to expand the knowledge, skills and abilities of government, government funded association and public university meeting professionals through formal monthly educational programs
  • Improve understanding and cooperation between government meeting professionals through regular meetings, networking, and educational conferences, online resources and social media. 
  • Improve the quality and the cost-effectiveness of government meetings in Arizona by bringing together government, association and public university meeting professionals and industry suppliers.


Vision:   This board will, SGMPAZ will increase the size of our chapter by 5% and maintain a membership ratio of 50% planners to 50% suppliers. Uphold our status as a national recognized Chapter whose organizational methods and practices will continue to distinguish itself as a leader in the field of government meetings.


  • Increase Chapter membership by 5% and retain 80% of the current members
  • Offer education related to hospitality through quality programs and networking opportunities to attract new potential members and retain existing members
  • Engage the members through committee participation to establish a base of loyal satisfied members
  • Maintain sound financial policies and practices that will sustain the ability of AZ Chapter to remain solvent
  • Communicate effectively with our membership in promoting charitable efforts throughout the community
  • Communicate effectively with our membership through the Chapter website and online tools
  • Educate members regarding specific meeting planning education opportunities and the value of earning industry certifications like the the CGMP (Certified Government Meeting Professional)
  • Promote the CGMP certification class and offer it in Arizona for a minimum of 15 members in 2021


The Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP) was established in 1981 and has grown to nearly 1,800 members in 20 chapters across the United States. SGMP is the only national organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to improving the knowledge and expertise of individuals in the planning and executing of government meetings through education, training, and industry relationships.

SGMP is a non-profit, professional organization of persons involved in planning government meetings and those individuals who supply services to government planners. Our objectives are to improve the quality and promote the cost-effectiveness of government meetings.

Represented in SGMP's membership are employees of federal, state, county, and city government, associations of governmental employees and governmental agencies; and representatives from hotels, convention and visitor bureaus, and other industry arenas.

Join us for a meeting and bring a planner friend to the meeting and experience for yourself how SGMPAZ can make your worklife easier!